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We were recently given the opportunity to work with some incredible YouTube fitness and lifestyle vloggers. They're individuality and bubbly personalities is reflected in their remarkable channel followings.

Each blogger kindly reviewed a few items of Bear Strength products. See what each of them had to say below.

Blogger number one, Tasha Green

Products Reviewed:
Full Length Black Space Dye Leggings
United to Defy Muscle Scoop Vest, Black

Tasha is a fashion blogger, a real girls girl who loves to chat about hair and beauty. She also uses her YouTube channel to share interesting snippets of her life with her followers.

Find Tasha's channel and watch the unboxing video here:

Blogger number two, Scola Dondo

Products Reviewed:
Capri Blue Space Dye Leggings
United To Defy Muscle Scoop Vest, White

Scola is a 20 year old Personal Trainer and lover of food. Loosing a massive 50lbs since she was 14 years old through eating healthy and exercising she is a true inspiration. Through her channel she shares tips and tricks on how to become healthy and happy.

Find Scola's channel and watch the unboxing video here:

Blogger number three, Hannah Leigh

Products Reviewed:
Born Strong Flowy Long Sleeve Tee
Classics Blue Crew Neck

It is no surprise Hannah has been voted Top 10 UK vlogger two years running by Cosmopolitan magazine. Hannah is a Sheffield girl who loves to share beauty hair and fashion tips with her loyal fan base.

Find Hannah's channel and watch the unboxing video here:

We would like to thank all the vloggers for taking part and hope you enjoy rocking you bear strength gear in the gym.

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