Training with Positivity & Enjoyment

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Each day, people head to the box to better themselves and compete within a community to develop their well-being& fitness.

Certain individuals are driven to push their body to the limits with the ambition that one day they may be able to compete competitively, other individuals may just want to beat an RX workout they have previously done. Whatever the goal and whatever the ambition, staying routinely motivated can be a struggle, especially when balancing training with work, study and family.

Everyone is driven to make improvements, and to do this you have to train effectively by pushing yourself to learn new movements, make that extra rep and lift that extra 5kg. Going to the gym day in day out for some people may not be a problem, but for others it may seem like a massive task, especially when you are not in the correct frame of mind.

After looking into the CrossFit community and looking at one of the most commonly asked questions to games athletes ‘How do I make it to the games?’, a reoccurring theme seems to appear. Games athletes train up to 3-4 times a day & a majority of athletes train like this because they enjoy it. They enjoy the environment of working with training partners to push and develop one another. They enjoy the sense of unity within a box when everyone’s suffering through the workout together; they enjoy the feeling and the benefits of the workout on their mind and body.

People may ask, How are you motivated to go to the gym again?, its not a case of motivation, it’s a case of passion and enjoyment. By enjoying your training you will begin to look at it more positively, this enjoyment will also yield better results, as you will be in the correct mind set to meet that new PR, or beat that ‘Fran’ time you previously set.

A lot of people search endlessly looking for that golden ticket to development and performance, in reality, it takes a positive mindset, lots of hard work and dedication, driven from the ability to enjoy your workouts and enjoy the lifestyle as a crossfitter. Enjoyment reaps positive thoughts and this will rub off in your training, ensuring sessions are constantly varied and demanding will always lead to a better performance. Always test yourself and look forward to your workouts, doing this is going to bring both enjoyment and results in the long run.

Next time you don’t feel like working out, grab a training partner, throw some random, intense movements onto a board and work hard. Most of all ENJOY IT! 

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