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A little late this post, another week of ups & downs, finally found that balance again and back in the mindset I needed.

For me, last week seemed to become a chore, my training seemed to be dragging me down, I had lost a little motivation to train and I wasn’t excited to get to the gym. This is not like me at all so I new I had some reassessing to do! 

Having spent a week training with limited energy, mentally not ready and feeling a little run down, I decided to ask the family to come down to visit, as I needed that boost of positivity & deep down I did miss them having not seen them since Christmas. Man it worked!! 

This weekend I spent with the people closest to me, it really put things back into perspective, it gave me that balance I needed and it also gave me a chance to get away for a few days. It was awesome to have them to turn & talk to. Spending time with them massively helped me mentally. 

As a result, I came back feeling fully refreshed, in a much better mood and back to my positive ways which I am hugely grateful for. This mindset instantly transferred over to training by hitting a 130kg Squat Clean PR from the blocks and then increasing my 14.2 score by 36 reps!! Just what I needed.

Now re-focused and with the mindset I needed back, I am looking forward to closing the open and training up until Easter before I go home!

This weeks post is a little different to normal, rather than ranting about my training I thought I would share a little something about how infectious family can be on mental restoration. Spending time with loved ones allows that balance of reality, which you need at times, especially when you get overwhelmed! The sparks been relit and I couldn’t be happier. 

Another week at the grind and I shall post again, hopefully the next one is a little more training focused as I am back to normal.

Thank you for reading.


James Burns

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