Bringing the Mental Energy to Training

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Another new blog from the dude that is James Burns. Hope you guys enjoy. 

Bringing the Mental Energy to training!

Improvement, regardless of the situation takes a lot of time, persistence and practice! The journey can be hugely taxing in itself, not just physically but mentally to. Overcoming this and being mentally prepared I feel is hugely significant to any form of success.

I’m sure we have all been in that situation at times, we feel a little drained and the prospect of going to the gym to bust a lung really isn’t satisfying anyone.

The first thing I feel is necessary is to just get to the gym. Warm up, stretch and then reconsider whether or not you really are not in the state to train. A lot of the time its not your body telling you no, its your mind. By getting warm and prepared you will feel much better, you will also be in the mood to train to.

A theme I have considered to be hugely beneficial at the moment throughout training is bringing positivity and a good energy, not with all the pre workout, energy drinks and high-energy foods, but with a little visualization. Bring the heat with some appropriate focus and drive, you will be surprised at what you can achieve. Different things work for different people, self talk, music, visualization or general focus. Different techniques send you into that mindset where you feel 100% ready to get after your session.

This is just the beginning; some people may find this focus a grind and a difficult concept. I am sure there is something that gets you ‘pumped’ or ‘jacked’ before a WOD, find it and always use it for preparation. The next thing I believe is being consistent with this mood, being consist with a positive mindset and good energy brings beneficial gains in training, as well as life itself to. The key to improvements in training is maintaining intensity. Regardless of what training it is you have to give it your all and not just run through the motions. To do this you need to be in the right place mentally, and therefore being consistently positive is a must!

One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks is that atmosphere can speak a thousand words. I bet at times you have stood in the corner of the box, looking at a cold barbell thinking I don’t want to go within 3 meters of that. Then the person next to you sees your actions and agrees with you. This can have a pretty negative knock on effect. Be the individual who inspires someone else, be positive, be enthusiastic and give encouragement, one it makes you feel a whole lot better and I can guarantee the person your helping will feel a little more motivated to. Bring that Mental Energy and inspire someone!

The foundation of a positive mentality I feel is also based on enjoyment. A lot of people may grind out sessions for health benefits only. But the majority are there day in day out due to the fact they love what they do. They enjoy the environment and the whole concept of training whether their goal is to make regionals or to just tone up. Some days will be a grind, FACT. But live for those days where you feel on top of the world, not just with training but with your attitude to life on a whole. Be positive and that Mental Energy will bring itself, be an inspiration!

Thanks you for reading – James Burns

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