Staying Positive After A Poor Session

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It happens to us all. We go to the gym and we do are best to get motivated, train with intent and heart but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Whether its not being able to lift a weight you have done before or not being able to perform a skill such as a double under a week after you have completed 150 unbroken, the frustration from it can become overwhelming and play on the mind, remaining positive, focusing on what went well & learning from the mistakes is essential. 

We have all been there; we have all had one of those sessions where nothing seems to click as well as it normally does. Its common, it even happens to some of the world’s greatest sporting athletes, it can happen for various reasons such as tiredness, lack of motivation and general stress. We may not feel like these factors are effecting us at the time but it could play apart in making your session a little less beneficial than you had hoped.

If this is the case, the frustration from looking down at the bar you have lifted 100 times before starts to develop inner anger. It is good and inspiring to keep trying until you succeed but with the continuous failures comes further aggravation, potential injury and more stress. When the aggression kicks in, the mind can start to become a little short sighted, you stop thinking about the basics, you don’t relax and this tension develops causing more things to go wrong. Relax, reassess and be persistent.

For some, stopping is an ideal thing to do; it is probably healthier for your mind and will prevent you from receiving an injury. Those who refuse to give up just need to ensure they’re safe when they carry on. If you are strong minded enough to keep grafting away and giving it your all, keep trying your best and make sure you get the job done, just ensure you don’t make a nuisance to yourself or anything around you.

Once the session is over, this is when its time to move on. This is the most important part about recovering from a bad session. Reassess the situation. Look at what you did wrong and try to look at why it happened. When you begin to get frustrated you start to become short tempered so you may not have the mental attitude to understand what you are doing wrong at the time. When you have identified what may have caused the mistake or lack of motives, embrace the lessons learnt & put the session behind you. Learn from the mistakes that you made and forget the session itself. Don’t carry the negativity over into the next day. Stay positive and go into the next session open minded, motivated and determined to train with passion.

Bad sessions happen to everyone, its just natural. Be strong willed enough to ensure that you recover from negativity. Stay positive, learn from your mistakes and go into the next day refreshed and prepared to take on your next step in development. Everything takes time so keep working; knock backs occur but have thatself-belief and remain persistent.

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