The mystery part of online shopping...

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We thought for this blog we would give you a little insight into the mystery part of any online shoppers experience… the process from when you confirm your order to it arriving at your front door.

One of the main struggles of any online business has got to be managing the orders.

Yes you’re right, having a high order quantity isn’t something to be complaining about and we couldn’t agree more. As ecstatic as we are that orders are consistently flying in, thanks to you guys, we do have to ensure that these are processed as quickly and accurately as possible. The ultimate aim is to give our customers that prompt service they deserve.


That’s where Veeqo comes into play…

Last Thursday the Veeqo team payed us a visit and captured an average day in the life of the Bear Strength Team.



Veeqo allows us to manage orders from all of our sale platforms in one place. If you didn’t already know, Bear Strength is also available on Amazon as well as our website. Veeqo will draw in orders from both platforms and automatically print address labels and picking lists to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible and no orders are forgotten or accidently missed.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Veeqo also manages all our inventory which saves us time as stock takes are no longer needed and we have more time for the important things... like dealing with all our fan mail of course.

We hope, as a customer, this has given you a little insight into your order after you click confirm and opened any future business entrepreneurs to the wonders of Veeqo as an online retail management software.




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