National No Beard Day

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National “No Beard Day” is fast approaching and with it, hairy men across the globe are panicking.

As the name suggests, in the UK on the 18th October, all those sporting facial hair should separate from their old grizzly beards and return to their once smooth facial appearance.... for a day or so at least.

This day brings tremendous joy to the women and guys who nag their partners to shave. For the men who can’t bare to part from their scruffy beards, it is the perfect excuse for a new facial start.

We know the thought of shaving sounds unbearable but the best thing about this day is that there is nothing stopping you from growing the beard all over again. To nurture you through this tough day, we strongly advise purchasing our Fear the Bear T-shirt. This will unite all hairy men across the globe, standing in union for beard love. 


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What’s more, to help those men through that tough shaving process, our friend Dr. Shave at The Executive Shaving Co. is at your rescue. He has provided a rundown of how to achieve the ultimate shave, all typed up into an online book and the best part is it is free! So here it is, don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Good luck guys, and don’t forget your beard WILL grow back!








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