Double Trouble: The Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

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Struggling to clock those running miles? Or maybe you’ve used every excuse under the sun to not make it to that gym class this week? If you’re trying to make exercise a habit, or are training towards a specific goal, then maybe it’s time you enlisted a gym bud.


Need that extra push? You’re way less likely to bail on your workout if you’ve had to schedule it in advance and cancelling means letting down a friend. Nobody wants to be THAT person, right?



We all have days where we don’t feel like sweating it out at the gym – or even throwing in the towel when the going gets tough – but workout buddies provide encouragement and a boost of motivation that will help keep you going and one step closer to those goals.



No matter how much of a workout whizz kid you think you are, you’ll never know it all – and working out with friends can help teach you new and alternative techniques that will help you on your fitness journey. Knowledge is power, after all.


Partner Up

Hitting the gym with a friend means you can take advantage of exercises and workouts that require two people. Partner workouts – where each person is responsible for a certain number of reps and rounds of specific exercises – are excellent for keeping you accountable, motivated and determined to hit a new PB. Just make sure your workout partner is of a similar fitness level.


Friendly Rivalry

If your workout partner happens to be in better shape than you then use it to your advantage. Studies have shown that working out with someone who’s perceived to be stronger, fitter and faster can increase your intensity by up to 200 per cent. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition?


Switch It Up

There’ll inevitably be times when you find yourself in a rut and your workouts getting stale, but your workout partner can help shake things up and keep your routine fresh and fun to keep you on your toes (literally, in some cases).


Spot On

Injuries can occur when training frequently towards a specific goal, but working out with a partner means you’ll have someone to spot you, count reps, keep a check on your form and help correct any mistakes to help avoid the risks of pain and injury.


Group Personal Training

Thought about hiring a PT but couldn’t justify the cost? Though working out solo with a personal trainer or coach may exceed your budget, pairing up with a partner is an ideal way to split the cost. Providing you and your workout friend are of similar fitness levels, you’ll both benefit equally as much from the advice and experience of a trained professional. 


Fun Factor

Last, but not least, working out with a bud helps make fitness fun. Studies have shown that people enjoy physical activities more when it involves a friend – or a group of friends – so, by making your workouts more social, you’ll also add the feel good factor, too. Win-win!


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