Go Heavy Or Go Home, Girl: How Lifting 
Heavy Weights Can Transform Your Workout

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Fitness fads are forever coming and going, but the one trend experts agree on is that women should be lifting heavier weights! You may already be happy with your current workout programme, but here’s just a few reasons why factoring in a heavier lifting session could help you start reaping some serious benefits both in and out the gym…


It Burns Calories

You may burn more calories during your hour-long cardio session, run or spin class, but recent studies have found that women who lifted heavy weights continued to burn extra calories for up to 24 hours after stepping out of the gym. What’s more, further studies have shown that women who lift heavier weights for lower reps burn twice as many calories as women who lift lighter weights for higher reps.


It Torches Body Fat

Cardio may be touted as the ultimate fat burner, but as with the calorie burn, that effect stops the moment you step off the treadmill, finish your run or crawl off the bike. On the flip side, building muscle through lifting weights will help your body burn fat all day – and recent findings have shown that adding just two weights sessions per week can cut your body fat percentage by around 3 percent. Not bad going, right?


It Gives Definition

Though cardio may burn calories and help you shed pounds, it won’t give you a defined body. Only through lifting heavier weights will you be able to achieve the definition to really show off your results.


It Fights Osteoporosis

A particular concern as women get older, Osteoporosis occurs when bones become fragile and brittle due to inevitable hormonal changes. On the bright side, however, a consistent programme that includes heavy weights has shown to not only maintain but also build bone mass – particularly in women of the high-risk, post-menopausal age range. 


It Builds Strength

Though lifting lighter weights for more reps is great for building endurance, it’s only through implementing heavier weights for lower reps that you’ll actually build up your strength. Adding compound lifts, such as deadlifts, squats and presses, can help you build your strength in a surprisingly short time.


It Prevents Injury

Building muscles around your joints – and offering them greater support – will not only help easy aches and pains, but will also help you maintain good form and avoid potential injuries, too.


It Empowers You

Lifting heavy weights will not only build strength but also your confidence and self-esteem, too. After all, what can be more empowering than the knowledge that you can successfully throw around some serious iron?


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