New Year, New Fitness Goals: How To Stay On Track

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The New Year will see a host of us donning our shiny new gym gear to set out on our journey to transform our fitness over the coming months.


Though the visions will vary, the principals of New Year’s Resolutions remain the same – setting the goals and milestones is the easy part, but committing to the end goal and staying on track when the going gets tough is the part that will challenge you the most.


An effective plan is key to ensuring these aspirations become a reality, so here’s some top tips to help you stay on track to smash – and surpass – those goals.


Beat The Rush

Though most people vow to start making a change on January 1st, getting a late start is sometimes a better approach. Studies have shown that prepping yourself and ensuring you’re fully committed to try something new means you’re less likely to call it quits, see better results from your new regime.


Find Your “Why?”

Identifying the meaning behind your New Year’s Resolutions is an important factor in achieving those goals. No only will it keep you focused on something that extends beyond the numbers on the scales, the pedometer, or fitness app on those tougher days but will help remind you that there’s more meaning to your milestones and end goal.


Break It Down

Sometimes the thought of a new health or fitness end goal can seem daunting, which can lead to frustration and, ultimately, giving up. To stay on track to achieving larger goals, it’s a good idea to set mini milestones to hit along the way. Not only will these allow you to track your progress but will keep you motivated, empowered and better equipped to take on your end goal.

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Adapt And Evolve

It’s one of our best selling designs for good reason. It’s been proven that goal setting works best as an on-going process, so being open to adapting, evolving and revising your targets as you progress will allow you to keep motivated, find new perspective and discover different approaches to achieving your goals.


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