Your Supporting Act: Why Wearing A Good Sports Bra Matters

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The fitness and leisure industry is booming right now. But, although you may have spent a small fortune on gym membership and workout clothing, there’s one crucial item that many women overlook – the sports bra.

Sports bras are not just for pro athletes, hardcore gym bunnies or serious runners – any ladies embarking on a fitness regime should invest in a good sports bra. 

Despite the rise in sports, gym classes and physical activities, research has found that there are still up to three quarters of women are wearing the wrong type of bra for their workouts. Though the pricey, pretty, specially fitted underwired bra might be great for everyday wear, when it come to your workouts, your ‘assets’ require a level of support. Sports bras have been specially designed with your workouts in mind, and their benefits are bountiful. Haven’t already invested? Here’s why you should be adding one to your basket… 

Comfort Zone

Sports bras, like our lightweight and breathable cross back styles have been specially designed to absorb sweat and moisture while keeping you cool. Their lightweight blend of polyester and spandex means they’re breathable and comfortable while providing you with ample flexibility and support to keep you comfortable during your workout.

So Long, Sagging!

Hitting the gym or exercise class without the proper chest support can not only contribute to pain and discomfort but can also lead to stretched skin and ligaments – which translates to saggy breasts. Luckily, sports bras like our edgy mesh back style feature an optimum blend of nylon, spandex and polyester to offer ample support to prevent both discomfort and premature sagging. It’s always important to consider the kinds of activities you participate in when choosing a sports bra – higher intensity workouts or such as CrossFit, running or HIIT training will require more protection and support than light exercise such as yoga and pilates.

Stay Put

Whether you’re jogging in the park, playing tennis or hitting the treadmill, a sports bra will help minimise the movement of your chest. Not only will this allow for more comfort and less distraction for your workout, but, as we mentioned above, will also help prevent aches, pains and sagging. Compression-style sports bras, like our mesh back and space dye styles will hold your breasts tightly to your chest, while our cross back sports bras offer less support (but plenty of pretty details!) that makes them ideal for activities such as yoga and pilates.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of our sports bras? Click here to get the support you need for you next workout.


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