James Burns

OCCUPATION: Full Time CrossFit Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Sale Sharks Academy Player. Caps for England College Rugby. 36 points scored in one rugby match. 8th place at the Italian Throwdown. 9th place at the Battle Of Britain. 

SPORTING ICON: A lot of people say it, but, for real. Rich Froning. I also like Khalipa with regards to his outlook on life and balance.

TYPICAL TRAINING DAY MEALS: Sainsbury’s Hot counter chicken thighs, a couple of extra shot Americanos from Starbucks and definitely some form of Danish pastry. Blueberries and honey Skyr Yoghurt is also a go-to!

FAVOURITE EXERCISE: My favourite workout is ‘Diane’! People may be surprised to know that I do like the longer, more steady-state workouts combining complex gymnastics and CV. If it comes down to an exercise, I'm going to have to go with any Olympic lift. When the atmosphere is good and the music is loud, you can't beat it!

LEAST FAVOURITE EXERCISE: I don't have a least favourite – I kind of enjoy all of the movements and workouts I suck at because doing them can only yield some form of improvement (at least I hope, anyway)! But the most painful exercise would be a good burpee/thruster couple

FAVOURITE WORKOUT SONGS: At the moment I have a pretty mixed bag. A lot of EDM (like Garrix) and Dakke Dak, but I do like Drake, too. It’s normally a mixture of these until I drive people insane replaying the same songs

ULTIMATE WORKOUT PARTNER: This is a tough one. I'd like to train with a lot of people for a variety of reasons – their attitude, what they have overcome, their general ability, etc. But I'm going to say Froning, purely because he's a fitness icon. I'd also love to hit a 'big man on campus' back and biceps session with Steve Cook, but that’s a whole different story!

PERFECT REST DAY: Writing down thoughts and training. Lots of Coffee. A trip to the sea. Good food. Spending time with my closest. Having a mess around on the bike. Seeing an awesome sunset.  

FAVOURITE CHEAT MEAL: This is probably one of the world’s toughest questions! I’m a sucker for a cheat meal. Right now I'm going to have to go with a big milkshake (preferably Oreo and Malt), sweet potato fries and a stacked-up hamburger with all the trimmings

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My Family, my friends, my G and a positive, uplifting environment 

FUN FACT: I don't think I’m that much fun, really! I’ll have to go with the fact that, not long ago, I had long blonde curly hair down to my shoulders!

FAVE BEAR STRENGTH ITEM/S: Any of the baseball T-Shirts. They are the best and also stop your arms burning when doing muscle ups or ring dips!