Rob Schillaci


OCCUPATION: Crossfit Coach at Crossfit Huntsman 

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Competing in numerous Crossfit competitions in Europe, including Central European Throwdown, Best of British, Battle of Britain, Sicily Throwdown, and a few other team/individual competitions
Prior to Crossfit I played a lot of rugby where I represented England counties on a winning tour to Spain and playing the Saracens A-League 

SPORTING ICON: Sam Dancer – he's crazy strong but has also done some amazing work with athletes with disabilities and learning difficulties 

TYPICAL TRAINING DAY SNACKS: I've been working with Buff Box Meals on my nutrition, which has been a huge help as they send me meals each week in advance

FAVOURITE EXERCISE: This is a hard one – it’s hard to pick just one exercise but probably the snatch or clean and jerk. I also really like to do ring muscle ups when they go well

LEAST FAVOURITE EXERCISE: High rep front squats suck 

FAVOURITE WORKOUT SONG/S: These are always changing depending on what I'm doing so my Spotify playlist is pretty random – but my go to song when going for a PB is usually Wu-Tang Clang’s “Ain't Nothing to F**k Wit” from the Loud Rocks album  

ULTIMATE WORKOUT PARTNER: Either Jason Khalipa or Sam Dancer 

PERFECT REST DAY: The perfect rest day would involve getting a sports massage and then just chilling out with some good food and maybe a film – nothing fancy 

FAVOURITE CHEAT MEAL: Protein pancakes topped with ice cream and peanut butter 

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: A good night’s sleep, bed, and training 

FAVE BEAR STRENGTH ITEM/SThe Men's Origins Shorts are really comfy to train in and I really like the Active Performance T-Shirt