#MyPeakChallenge Disclaimer

My Peak Challenge is a cause established by Sam Heughan, Fight Camp Glasgow and Bear Strength Clothing to motivate individuals to reach personal fitness goals (or ‘peaks’ as we call them!) in the name of raising money for Sam Heughan’s chosen charity, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

Individuals are required independently establish their own individual goals, and are required to train safely, responsibly, and with the necessary guidance required to reach these ‘peaks’. 

Though motivation will be provided throughout the challenge – via social media outlets and dedicated videos  – My Peak Challenge does not assume any responsibility for individuals to reach these goals.  

Likewise, My Peak Challenge is not liable for any injuries or set-backs sustained from training or participation in relation to My Peak Challenge. 

My Peak Challenge’s motivational messages and videos (via social media outlets or otherwise) are intended purely as inspiration for those partaking in the challenge – and are not to be considered an alternative to seeking professional advice where applicable. 

My Peak Challenge holds no responsibility for Achieving relevant goals or ‘peaks’ is the responsibility of the individual and My Peak Challenge is not liable for any goals that cannot, for any given reason, be achieved. 

My Peak Challenge is not responsible for any weight-loss, weight-gain or improved health/fitness levels – and the individual assumes all liability for these goals, as set out by the relevant health or fitness professional. 

By purchasing the official My peak Challenge Welcome Pack and signing up to partake in My Peak Challenge, individuals assume liability for all personal activities associated with the cause and are advised to seek the appropriate training, professional health/fitness advice requires, and, if applicable, should consult a GP/doctor/health professional prior to undertaking any form of exercise.