As we begin the countdown to the official My Peak Challenge weekend on 14 & 15 March 2015, we want to know what YOUR personal challenge will be! Join us on Twitter @MyPeakChallenge and let us know what goal/s you’ll be aiming for and how you’ll be raising money for Sam Heughan’s chosen charity, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, using the hastag #PeakPledge  

We’ll be choosing some of the most inspiring stories to appear on this page – so get tweeting, folks – we can’t wait to hear from you! 

More hiking tomorrow - Glendora Mystic Trail at 830am mimosas to follow.     - @SoCalEdition 

Just finished kickboxing, 20 push-ups, 30 squats (med due knees), planked w knee dips. Still have 5k steps 2do b4 game - @chonikyogbal 

7 mile walk on the beach  - @rparkinson86 

I’m challenging myself to a 5k - been struggling with migraines 23 years but am hopeful!  - @arashctab

Row around 3 Islands in SF Bay in 2 days in a single shell...gulp! - @RockNRow 

Scaled some majestic peaks yesterday! (ok, snow banks) Still! got in 9mi walk, post-blizzard/2.5 ft of snow - @allisonian1 

Becoming a cert. Cycle Class instructor , teachin 4X week, recruiting+ spinners #PeakPledge - @Outlander_4ever 

OMG! I just signed up for my first Half Marathon!     ”  ! - @boozilla

I’m doubling up distance walking with Zumba.  is wake up call to get fit in a good cause  - @LadySileL 

Ramped up my mileage for the ! 12 miles with 9 dogs in two separate hikes! First hike! - @TheDogHikers